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Maryann & Penny

Reduce Your Cancer Risk

There are simple steps all of us can take to protect ourselves and our loved ones from cancer.  Americans can help reduce their cancer risk with healthy practices such as avoiding excessive sun exposure, limiting alcohol intake, eating a balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and making physical activity part of each day. Screening tests can also help reduce the risk of developing certain cancers and help detect the disease early when it is often easier to treat.  For more information, see the American Cancer Society or the Prevent Cancer Foundation.  


Seasonal Food Guide

Typically, fruits and vegetables reach their maximum nutrient and taste potential at harvest time.  Eating seasonally offers variety to your diet and saves on your pocektbook as in-season produce is more abundant and requires shorter travel time from farm to grocery store.   Check out The Sustainable Table or CUESA to learn what’s in season in your neck of the woods.